Cronvir 0.5mg is belongs to classification of antiviral drug, which is a nucleotide reverse transcriptase and used to treat hepatitis B virus infection. Cronvir a nucleotide analogue these agents used for treatment of infection affected by HBV, HCV, herpes simplex and HIV.when the drug phosphorylated, Cronvir work as antimetabolities similar to nucleotides to be suspected into DNA strands growth, but Cronvir act as chain terminators and stops the viral DNA polymerase.

Mechanism of action:

Entecavir inhibits the action of all 3 steps of reproduction process: Base stimulate; Appropriate messenger RNA give negative strand of reverse transcription; Production of positive strand of HBV DNA. Therefore no specific DNA viral and also inhibit the mitochondrial DNA. Cronvir decrease the amount of HBV in the blood by reducing the ability to multiply and target the new cells.


Brand Name : Cronvir
Generic Name :Entecavir
Manufacturer : Genex
Dosage form : Tablet
Strength : 0.5 mg
Quantity : Pack of 30 tablets

Dosage and administration:

The dose recommended for adult and childerns <2yrs is 0.5mg Used on an empty stomach i.e 2hours before meal and 2hours after meals Dose should administrate on same time each day Discontinuation of cronvir tablets leads to drug resistance

Missed dose:

Cronvir dose is missed, before next dose take previous dose as soon as possible. If time for next cronvir dose, allow the missed dose to skip away and come back regular schedule dosing. Two doses at a time should avoided.


Cronvir mainly used for treatment of chronic Hepatitis B infection. The infection caused by Hepatitis B virus in liver. This infection will damage the liver and cause liver failure or liver cancer. The lowering of hepatitis B virus amount in your body is carried out by Cronvir tablet.,

After liver transplantation the multiplication of Hep B virus is prevented by using Cronvir tablet. Cronvir may used in case of lamivudine and emtricitabine resistance in HIV, thereby not recommended for HIV-HBV patient without completely suppressive of Cronvir drug.


Using before vitamins, nutritional supplements and herbal drugs. Have any kidney problem, liver transplantation, AIDS, HIV. Planning for pregnancy or pregnant or breast feeding mother( whether unknown action passes to breast milk) Entecavir allergy or other drug allergies.


Cronvir overdose, contact your local poison control center or emergency department which indicate bad reaction to the drug. Cronvir include asthma; chest discomfort; fever; rashes in skin; blue or gray skin color; seizures; or swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat. Trouble breathing. fast heartbeat,severe belly pain. stomach upset or throwing up,diarrhea,dyspepsia. Dark urine or yellow skin or eyes. Fatigue etc.

Side effects:

Common side effects:
• nausea
• Dizziness
• Weakness
• Head pain
• Trouble in sleeping
• Fatigue
• Dyspnea
• Dysrhythmia
• Decrease appetite

Serious side effects:

• Liver problems
• Enlargement of liver
• Fatty liver
• Lactic acidosis


Temperature required 22-25°C
Store at childerns resistance place
Store by its own original container.
Cool and dry place, protected from light and moisture.

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