Entavir 0.5mg


Entavir is a hepatitis B virus nucleoside reverse transcriptase which belongs to class of antiviral drug. Entavir is a type of classification of antiviral drug, that fight against HBV reverse transcriptase, which is precisely most related to the active triphosphate form in an intracellular half life of 15 hours.

Mechanism of action:

Entecavir combination with natural substance, deoxyguanosine triphosphate functionally prevents all three activities of HBV reverse transcriptase:
Base priming, Ergonomic messenger RNA produce negative strand of reverse transcription, Synthesis of positive strand of HBV DNA
Entavir is a poor inhibitor of cellular DNA polymerases α,β and  in which mitochondrial DNA polymerase gamma with ki values ranging from 18 to >160µM.

Entavir 0.5mg

Brand Name : Entavir
Generic Name :Entecavir
Manufacturer :Cipla Limited
Dosage form : Tablet
Strength : 0.5mg
Quantity : Pack of 10 tablets

Dosage and administration :

Take the tablet once daily with an empty stomach(2hours after or 2 hours before meal.

Prescribed dosage for liver disease

Compensated:In adult dose of Entecavir for chronic HBV is 0.5mg
Decompensated:In adult dose of Entecavir for chronic HBV is 1mg


Entecavir which used to reduce quanity of hepatitis B virus. In adult entavir is used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus infection with the indication of active viral reproduction and either evidence of persistent elevations in serum aminotransferases (ALT OR AST). Its also used on clinical trial data in nucleoside inhibitor treatment for the HBeAg positive and HBeAg negative HBV infection.


Using of Entecavir tablet before, inform your consultant about:
Allergic To Entecavir,
If your on Other Prescription And Nonprescription Medications, as using of Vitamins, Nutritional products, And Herbal supplements
If you Had Liver Transplantation, AIDS, HIV, Or any Kidney Disease.
If You Are Pregnant Or any other surgery have done.
If you stop the treatment of Entecavir, Hepatitis may not be curable. This will Happen Due to The First few Months after stopping of Entecavir.
Take Entecavir tablet correctly as advised by doctor
Be Careful Not To Miss Doses

Side effects:

• Pain in head
• Myalgia
• Nausea and vomiting
• Improper heart beat
• Jaundice
• Breathing difficulty
• Stomach pain
• Decrease Appetite
• Colour change in stools
• Vertigo
• Excessive level of acid in the body


If patients had single entecavir doses of 40mg or double dose of 20mg/day till 14days has no evidence of increase or any adverse effect If Entecavir overdoses then should be examine the symptoms of toxicity and urgency of standard effective treatments application to the patients.


Store below 30°C
Entecavir should kept in cool and dry place
Drug should protected from light and moisture.


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