X vir-1mg


A type of classification of antiviral drug is X vir tablet in which patient suffering from severe liver abnormalities and diagnosis of hepatitis B virus infection are treated by X vir medication. X vir, a nucleotide analogue these agents used to fight against the infection of HBV, HCV, herpes simplex and HIV. When introduce phosphate group in a molecule, they act as antimetabolities similar to nucleotides to be incarcerated into DNA strands growth, but they work as chain terminators and blocks the DNA viral polymerase.

Mechanism of action:

Entecavir stops the all 3 steps of reproduction process:
Base stimulate, Appropriate RNA messenger produce negative strand of reverse transcription, Production of positive strand of HBV DNA Hence no specific DNA viral and also prevent mitochondrial DNA.Entecavir decrease the quanity of HBV in the blood by lowering the ability to reproduce and attack new cells.

X vir-1mg

Brand Name : X-vir
Generic Name :Entecavir
Manufacturer : Natco Pharma Ltd.
Dosage form : Tablet
Strength : 1mg
Quantity : Pack of 30 tablets

Dosage and administration:

Drug should administrated in an empty stomach interval of 2hr before and after the meal Every day tablet should consume on same time for best result Discontinue of X vir tablet will affects the effectiveness of treatment

Missed dose:

If dose of X vir is missed then take as soon as possible before next dose, but if time of next dose then allow the missed dose to skip and come to daily base schedule dosing. Avoid taking 2 doses at a time.


In adult and children < 2yrs, X vir mainly used for treatment of long lasting Hepatitis B infection.
The infection caused by Hepatitis B virus in liver. These infection will damage the liver and cause liver failure or liver cancer.
The reducing of hepatitis B virus quantity in body is carried out by X vir tablet.
Entecavir, after liver transplantation the replication of HBV is prevented.
X vir is used for the selected resistance to lamivudine and emtricitabine in HIV,its not prescribed for both HIV HBV patient without fully stopping X vir drug.


Before If you are in prescription of vitamins,nutritional supplements and herbal drugs. If you had any kidney disease,liver transplant,AIDS, HIV. If pregnant or planning for pregnancy or breast feeding mother. Allergies to other drugs or Entecavir. These condition should inform your doctor priorly using the drug.

Side effects:

Major effect is lactic acidosis & Common side effects:
• Dyspnea
• Dysrhythmia
• Decreased appetite
• Vertigo
• Weakness
• Harderning of legs
• Myalgia
• Jaundice


Entecavir overdose leads to serious life threaten, if any suspection about overdose, call immediately to hospital emergency or poison control center to get instruction to control the action.


Store at original container at a temperature of 20-25°c(77°c)
Keep away from lights and moisture
Keep away from children hands and pets


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