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Geftinat is pharmacologically sorted as tyrosine kinase inhibitor which may intrudes on the signal transduction through EGFR in tumor cells.
Geftinat tablets are containing a hostile to tumor specialist known as Gefitinib, which is synthetically delegated anilinoquinazoline subsidiary.
Geftinat tablets are doctor prescribed pharmaceutical which is utilized by the patients with substantial medicine proposed by therapeutic oncologist


Geftinat is principally utilized for treating progressed non small cell lung cancer in quiet whose tumor cells having EGFR exon 19 deletions or exon 21 substitutions.


The reactant development of different tyrosine kinases including the EGFR get controlled by Gefitinib, which may completes up in prevention of tyrosine kinase subordinate tumor advancement
Gefitinib encounters with the uniting of ATP to the tyrosine kinase site of EGRF, through prohibiting receptor autophosphorylation and completing up in confinement of signal transduction.
Gefitinib also connected with the action of cell catch prompting and angiogenesis controlling.

How the body works for Geftinat tablets;;

Bioavailability of Gefitinib is 100% Time to maximium plasma concentration is Gefitinib is 3 to 7 hours after uptake of food.
Gefitinib is bound to human plasma protein by 90%. Gefitinib metabolism in liver aided by CYP3A4. Biotransformation of Gefitinib obtained by three pathway;
• Metabolism of N-propoxymorpholino group
• Demethylation of Methoxy substituent on quinazoline
• Oxidative defluorination of halogenated phenyl group
Excretion process of Gefitinib is occurs by hepatic metabolism. Gefitinib eliminated at 86% via feces & 4% via urine.
Half life of Gefitinib is 48 hours


Brand : Geftinat
Active substance :Gefitinib
Strength : 250mg
Mfg : Natco pharma
Pack :30 tablets

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The recommended dose of Geftinat is 250mg should be administered orally as single dose by taking with or without food.
If there should be an occurrence of patients neglect to take the Geftinat tablets orally, it ought to be dissolve in 4 to 8 ounces of water and blend well.
The blended arrangement ought to be managed orally or through naso gastric tube promptly.

Dose alteration:

Acute new commencement of or aggravation of pulmonary symptoms
Elevated AST & ALT levels
Worsening of ocular disorders
Skin reactions
Continue the Geftinat tablets therapy if toxicity grade changes from severe to grade I.

In case of this combination, the dose of Geftinat should be elevates to 500mg & continue as 250mg after discontinuing the CYP3A4 inducers..

Interstitial lung disease
GI perforation
Severe diarrhea
Ocular disorders
Cutaneous vasculitis

Bullous & exfoliative skin disorders
Other common side effects;
Nail disorders
Loss of appetite

Increased AST, ALT
Hemorrhagic cystitis

Over Dosage

In case of over dosage; Patients should be provided with general supportive managements
Signs & symptoms should be monitored
Postpone or discontinue the Geftinat tablets.
Hemodialysis is not effective, because Gefitinib is widely bound to human plasma protein.

Drug Interaction

The co administration of Geftinat tablets with CYP3A4 inducers causes raises the digestion of Gefitinib and exhausts the Gefitinib plasma fixation.
In this condition, the dosage of Geftinat ought to be expanded to 500mg every day measurement at that point continuing as 250mg subsequent to ending the CYP3A4 inducers.
Geftinat joined with drugs influencing the pH causes diminishment in plasma concentration of Gefitinib. Stay away from the issue by managing Geftinat and gastric controllers sooner or later interims.
Proton pump inhibitors: Administer Geftinat 12 hours after the last measurements or 12 hours sooner the following dosage of proton pump inhibitor.
H2 receptor opponent: Administer Geftinat 6hours after the last dosage or 6 hours sooner the following measurements of H2 receptor adversary
Geftinat with warfarin causes change in prothrombin time and INR esteem, this may finishes up as drain.


Skin issue: Geftinat tablet ought to be put off or ended amid serious skin responses.
Developing life fetal harmfulness: Geftinat is contraindicated to pregnancy, causes fetal mischief
GI perforation: Geftinat tablet ought to be for all time ceased amid this condition.
Diarrhea: In serious loose bowels condition, for all time suspend
Visual scatters: Ocular issue like corneal disintegration, conjunctivitis and dry eye condition, treatment ought to be ended.
Interstitial lung infection: Interrupt the Geftinat tablets and give steady measures.
Liver poisonous quality: Monitor the hepatic capacities and hepatic compounds levels. Geftinat tablets ought to be withheld or suspend the treatment in serious hepatic impedance condition.


Pregnancy category of Gefitinib is D
Geftinat tablets are not used in pregnancy period. Avoid becoming pregnant during therapy.


No breast feeding should be recommended.


The potency & effectivity of Gefitinib should not be evaluated in pediatric patients.


geftinat tablets are contraindicated to pregnancy & lactating women.
Some anaphylactic reactions are produced, if patients are contraindicated to the component of geftinat.



Missed dosage condition ought to be maintained a strategic distance from in the event that missed dosage happen, patients must get exhortation from medicinal oncologist and take after the guidelines.
Then again avoid the missed dosage and take after the normal dosing plan
Stay away from self medicine



Store at 20°C- 25°C
Geftinat should use before the medicine expiry date.
Keep away the medicine from sight and reach of the medicine.
Geftinat should be disposed in proper way, don’t throw away via waste water or household waste.


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