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Sofosbuvir is the brand name of Sofosbuvir, it has demonstrated has first drug to treat the HCV infection by safety and efficacy treatment, without the requirement of interferon co administration. Sofosbuvir only drug used with combination of ribavirin, peginterferon-alfa, Velpatasvir, daclatasvir, ledipasvir, simeprevir. It is administrated by orally. Sofosbuvir has high cure rate in genotypes about 90% overall response rate. To prevent Hep C virus, its first regimen to awaiting liver transplantation for the patients.

For use in Genotypes 1,2,3 and 4 sofosbuvir are approved and it’s the first most orally treating regimen for genotypes 2 or 3. Sofosbuvir requires 12 weeks course of therapy for most patient. And Strength of 400 mg, once daily.

Sofosbuvir with ribavirin combination should be used for the treatment of CHC patient with liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) in which can keep pending liver transplantation for up to 48 weeks or can inhibit post-transplant HCV infection until liver transplant.


It is used for the treatment of HCV in initial stage and coimbination with another drug for HCV genotypes 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 by all part of first line therapy. On second line therapy,Sofosbuvir combination with Velpatasvir have cure rate higher than 90% is recommended for all genotypes. Duration of therapy mostly of 12 weeks. Based on perspective, cost-effectiveness is also used for longer treatment with other medication.

It also used prior to failed treatment,who have experienced failure treatment with other form of combination therapy for hepatitis C Infection, thereby next possible way by retreatment with Sofosbuvir. Retreatment Duration is 12-24 weeks depends upon medicine used, in case patient ihas liver cirrhosis or not.

Datas of Sofosbuvir

Brand name


Biological life



Activated to triphosphate quickly

Route of administration


Molar mass





80%urine,14% feces

Protein Binding



Safe to use




An pregnancy category B has been approved by FDA means in reproduction of animal studies, there is not described about risk of the fetus but in human studies ,in any trimester have no well controlled and adequate information. For pregnant women and male partner should avoid the combination of drug(Sofosbuvir /ribavirin) to reduce fetal harm. Breastfeeding should avoid during treatment with Sofosbuvir alone or with ribavirin combination.


The Mechanism of Sofosbuvir acts after administration is converted to active form, thereby inhibits the HCV RNA(ribonucleic acid), it leads to decrease in number of Hep C virus in body. Side effects of drugs: Fatigue, head pain,sleeping difficulty,itching, lower blood cell, weight loss, anemia.


Interaction with rifampin , in intestine rate of metabolism is increased, hence combination should avoided. With other drug combination may also decrease blood levels, Drugs: carbamazepine, equetro, phenytoin, rifabutan rifapentine, tipranavir. Especially Patient taking beta-blockers , Sofosbuvir and aminodarone combination with other DAA(direct acting antiviral agent) should avoided because it lowers rate of heart.


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